5 ways to create more space in your home

5 ways to create more space in your home


It is common as families grow and possessions start to pile up that your home may begin to feel small. In this article, we look at ways that you can create more living space and take back control of your home.

Convert your garage

garage conversion

One of the best ways to create more space is to turn your garage into an extra room. This will not only give you more living space but could also increase the value of your home.

Sometimes families feel as though they have outgrown their home without realising that transforming their garage could be the answer.

A standard garage is 5m x 2.4m, which means you will have extra living space of 12 square metres which at the moment, is currently redundant and simply waiting to be put to good use for you and your family.

Whether it’s a playroom, dining room, extra bedroom or a family room a garage conversion can give you what you have been looking for.

Convert your loft

create more space in your home by converting your loft

If you want to keep your garage available for cars and tools or you have already converted your garage in the past, why not convert your loft.

The majority of us simply use our lofts for storage but instead it could transform your home and provide that much-needed space.

Better yet a loft conversion can also add value to your home and unlike some other conversions, is unlikely to require planning permission.

Convert your cellar

Converting your cellar is another alternative if your garage or loft is not an option. As with the previous two, this type of conversion can add value to your home and generate that much-needed space.

The location of a cellar makes it ideal for a noisy music room or a children’s playroom, but it could also become a quiet place to get that all-important studying or work done.

Build A conservatory

There are lots of benefits to having a conservatory and it can be a great alternative to moving to a new house. Not only does it add an extra room to your home, but it also adds a great deal of light as well. This in turn makes the whole house feel more spacious.

A conservatory also allows you to appreciate your garden all year round and is very versatile in terms of how you can use it. A conservatory easily doubles up as a living room, dining room or office.

Take out walls

One of the biggest benefits of open-plan living space is that it can encourage that all-important family time.

We all know the feeling of each person being in a separate room, but by opening the space up there will naturally but more togetherness within your home.

Taking out those divisive walls also make your home a much better place to entertain in. The days of guests being separated into multiple rooms at birthdays and Christmas are long gone.

To find out more about how you can transform your home with an extension or conversion get in touch with us and get a no-obligation survey.

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