5 garage conversion ideas

5 garage conversion ideas


If you had an extra room in your house, what would you turn it into?

As children get older a home that once seemed big enough can start to feel a little cramped. Everyone wants their own space and perhaps the current layout of your home is making that difficult.

Here are five garage conversion ideas that can become a reality for you and your family

An office

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More and more people are working from home or choosing to be self-employed, and although working from the sofa is great, wouldn’t a proper workspace be much better?

Converting your garage into an office not only allows you to work more productively but also doubles up nicely as an ideal space for children to concentrate on their school work. A win-win.

A playroom

Whether you have younger children or older teens a playroom or den could transform your entire home.

As the toys begin to pile up in the children’s bedrooms the space they have to play and create is reduced. By turning your garage into a playroom your children can play and develop while the rest of the home remains free of clutter.

Alternatively, a den can become a place where your teenager can relax during the busy exam periods and a place where they can socialise with friends.

An extra bedroom

It may be that as children get older their current bedroom is no longer fit for purpose. Perhaps two children in the family share a bedroom and are now getting to the age where they need their own space. Or it may be the case that an extra bedroom would make it easier for family and friends to visit.

By converting your garage you can add another bedroom to your home and gain that extra space that comes with it. It is also worth noting that adding an extra bedroom can increase the value of your home too. Even better.

A gym

Why not transform your health and fitness as well as your living space? A family gym allows you to exercise in the comfort of your own home at a time that works for you.

You may even have gym equipment and exercise machines already that are awkwardly blocking up areas of your home. By converting your garage into a purpose-built gym, you can free up more of this space.

Something else

Use your imagination. Your home is special because it is unique to you. The possibilities are endless with what you can convert your garage into. Maybe that Mancave, She Shed, yoga studio or sauna isn’t as far away as you once thought.

For more information on how you can make one of these ideas a reality get in touch today for a no-obligation survey.

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