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Superb Golf Simulators and more.

Golf Swing Systems Ltd was set-up to cater for the increasing popularity in indoor golf studios for PGA Professionals at golf courses and indoor coaching studios that are being set up in city centres, golf shops and industrial estates.

With 20 years of experience, Golf Swing Systems has full knowledge of all the Launch Monitor systems, Video Coaching systems and various biomechanical systems now available on the marketplace. Golf Swing Systems can advise coaches on what products are right for the way you coach or play and what’s right for your budget.

We provide complete solutions for golf academies based on the latest technology. No matter how big or small the area, as long as you can swing a golf club we can help make the most of your space for an academy.

We can bespoke manufacture golf enclosures, nets and netting to suit the way you want the academy to look and your budget. Golf Swing Systems can design and install all the equipment needed for a successful golf simulator, custom fitting and video analysis studio.

Golf Swing Systems also has access to the best practice aids on the market place. Whether you’re a PGA professional, Tour Pro or a keen amateur we can help you improve your game to the maximum potential. Supplying some of the top coaches in Europe we have practice aids for the whole game from Tee to green.

If you need a space for your golf system, why not speak to Cabin Space, they build unique outdoor cabins perfect for a golf simulator.


Golf Simulators require a bit of space and sometimes that room is not always available in the house or garage. Working in Partnership with Cabin Space, Golf Swing Systems now offer a bespoke cabin build which can be tailor made to your design and budget. A minimum size would be 3M wide x 3M high x 5M deep and an ideal size 5M Wide x 7M deep x 3.5M High

Cabin Space can help you through planning and offer all the options on the external finish as well as the internal look of the room, catering to your budget.

Golf Swing Systems, Providing superb Golf Simulator solutions and more.

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